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Thread: Can't Fall Asleep

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    Can't Fall Asleep

    Do you sleep well every night?
    When you go to bed at night and can't fall asleep after some time, what do you do?

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    I have that problem too. I fall asleep easier if I have something going on in the background. I sleep near my laptop, so I watch TV on there (Netflix or other). It's very frustrating, because I feel exhausted during the daytime, and it makes it hard to function at work. Then when night comes, I can't fall asleep. Or sometimes I will fall asleep but then wake up and be up for a few hours in the middle of the night.

    Good luck - I hope you're able to find something to help you!

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    I turn the tv to something i'm vaguely interested in...history Channel, Science channel...something with a narrative as opposed to action. Turn the volume real low, so I have to pay close attention to hear it...

    Usually asleep in 5-10 minutes...

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    if your having trouble falling asleep, take a look at what your eating, or not eating before bed.... google "foods to help sleep".. decaf green tea, banana,etc... do you do any kind of exercise?... if you do, tax yourself more, if you dont,, start!...
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    Sleep issues can be common. I have taken medication specifically for that for years. A good rule of thumb-- and I realize this is not always possible depending on level of injury and mobility-- If you add some behavior training into your sleep routine it helps. Typically the rule of thumb is sleep, have sex, nap, and/or rest in bed only. If you try to fall asleep and can't get up if possible (again I understand situations as stated above) after an hour or so and go do something in another room. Read, watch TV, etc Just do things that are not rewarding such as extra work for the next day etc. For many people just laying there trying to sleep can cause anxiety and make it even more difficult to sleep. You also might want to consider speaking with your doctor about a sleep study and/or medications if appropriate for the situation. There are many opinions on prescribed medications. I have taken one for years and find no tolerance or side effects as long as it is taken as directed and with limited alcohol intake as indicated on the warnings. Also-- some over the counter items such as SleepMD, etc can aid. But, again check with your doctor because even natural supplements can have side effects. Sorry for the long answer!
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