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Thread: Can I use a bigger tube for my wheel size?

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    Can I use a bigger tube for my wheel size?

    Hey, I just got my wheels and tubes in the mail (25-540) wheels but they sent one of the tubes the wrong size (32-540). Would it hurt anything if I used it? Would it make that much of a difference?

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    The 540 is more important, I think those tubes will be fine. Most tubes fit a small range of sizes. I haven't had any problems using tubes from my 1 3/8 inch tires when I switched to 1 inch right runs. However I didn't feel comfortable using a 'universal' tube I had even though I t should have been fine for that size. It was much wider than the tubes from my 1 3/8 which made me uneasy.
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    It should be fine. Some people actually feel that using a tube that's slightly wider is better since it stays thicker when inflated. I think the right size is usually best, though. Kinda dumb that they sent you two different size tubes though.

    Just be careful installing the larger tube so that is doesn't get folded or pinched.

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    When installing/reinstalling tubes, I remove the stem core, and inflate the tube about half way inside the seated tire to help smooth out any wrinkles. Then I reinstall the core, and inflate it fully. That methodology seems to help minimize folds and pinches for me.
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    I just had the exact same issue, they sent me these huge wide tubes for looks like off road tires and here I am putting them in these thin 1 inch wide 540's, don't ask me why, but they seem to work fine. They must have a glut of the wide tubes they are trying to get rid of. Was it Sportaid by any chance?
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    like what has been said, should be fine. When you have a problem with the universal size tubes is after you have inflated them in a larger width and then try and use it again with a narrower. like when going from a 1 3/8 to a 1", they don't do well after being stretched out.

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