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Thread: Where to buy parts for hand controls

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    Where to buy parts for hand controls

    I'm about to embark on a new project to build a new set of hand controls for my car. Looking for info on where to buy various materials for building in the US or online. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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    I'm interested in the "parts" that are used for hand controls. I have NO idea what most of them are called beyond, rods, tubes, handles, nuts & bolts. The parts I don't know the names for are the connectors that swivel and or move back & forth. Not sure if that description helps any, but It's a try.

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    Are you trying to build them from scratch, modify/improve or fix these?

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    The hand controls you have pictured are portable controls. They look to be PCH by Wheel Ability. You can use them for everyday driving but I wouldn't. Permanently fixed controls are best.

    Most of the parts use to construct hand controls are specially fabricated. There not the kind of parts you can find at a hardware store or Home Depot. If you could buy directly from the manufacturers, the parts needed would cost much more just buying the unit. I have never seen these parts (the real parts) sold to the consumer, only installers.

    You may be able to cobble together something similar if you are handy and very creative. Be careful that homemade hand controls are legal in your state. Also, I would be concerned about your auto insurance and liability in case of an accident.

    Good luck to you on your project, anyway. Be careful and stay safe.

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    I only used the photo to illustrate an example of the types of materials/parts I'm looking for. And thank you, however the only advise I seek is where construction materials may be purchased.
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    If you want cheap stuff, go to the hardware store. Good stuff, google aircraft supply.

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    Do a search for "heim ends" and that should give you suppliers. They are commonly used on race cars. McMaster-Car is also a good source for just about anything involving mechanical components.

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    As ala said, the real ones are not cheap. I am in the process. The estimate I have is a little more than $1000. You are not allowed to install them. They must be inbstalled by provider. In PA, at least, you also must have 20 hours of training. My guess is the training occurs before they sell them to you, but I do not know that yet. Legally, probably your insurance needs to know you are using them. If you got in an accident with them and your insurance did not know you have them I have no idea what would happen.

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    If you would like to discuss the what if scenarios, insurance, ramifications and other topics that have nothing to do with where to find parts, please find or start another thread. Don't jack this one please and thank you.

    Those were good search terms RustyJames, thanks!

    There were two guys on the board I had made contact with a couple of years ago that had built their own controls. I can't for the life of me find those threads now. If you're still around, I'd like to speak to you.
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    You're welcome. I'm in the process of a hand control project myself. I never heard of having to be "certified" to do the installation.

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