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Thread: Vallejo man goes to Germany for stem cell treatment

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    Vallejo man goes to Germany for stem cell treatment

    Article Published: Saturday, October 23, 2004

    Vallejo man goes to Germany for

    stem cell treatment

    By RHONDA REASON-THOMAS, Times-Herald correspondent

    Vallejo native James McClanahan II, paralyzed from the waist down, holds a unique perspective regarding the hotly debated subject of embryonic stem cell research.
    McClanahan, a devout Christian, recently received treatment with controversial embryonic stem cells. Many religious groups, who believe life begins at conception, denounce the use of embryonic stem cell use, because by harvesting the cells the fertilized egg is destroyed.

    The discussion, thrust further into the national spotlight after the death of paralyzed actor Christopher Reeve, has entered presidential platforms and the state election. Proposition 71 would create and fund a state program encouraging the use of stem cell research, including the controversial embryonic stem cells.

    Stem cells were the last thing on McClanahan's mind in October 1997, when an automobile accident left him paralyzed from the waist down.

    Fast forward to August, when McClanahan and his mother Freda, traveled to Germany to participate in some experimental stem cell research.

    Finding the clinic took countless hours researching the Internet for information about the process of stem cell implantation and the effects. He found Dr. Georg Falkenhayn in Kiel, Germany.

    Spiritually, he said he placed his faith in God and did not view the use of embryonic stem cells as anything but modern science.

    "I received embryonic stem cells, but I don't know where they came from," McClanahan said from his north Vallejo home. "It could be from bone marrow, blood, or umbilical cord cells. People donate stem cells. I don't believe a baby was killed in order for me to have these cells.

    "I know cells can be used from the fetus or baby, but it's after they have already died, not before, as in organ transplants," he continued. "The fetus is donated for the use of science and kept frozen until the cells can be used."

    McClanahan received at least eight injections of embryonic stem cells. It cost more than $20,000 in medical and traveling expenses.

    The McClanahans all agree that money was never an issue.

    "When it comes to getting your child the help he needs, as a parent you try to do whatever is possible to make it happen," said father Roy McClanahan.

    It took going to a foreign country to get the new treatment.

    "We're not as advanced here as they are in other countries. Some countries have been using these practices for 30 years or more. We just don't know about it in the United States," James McClanahan said.

    The death of Reeve and the outcome of Proposition 71 may change the way Americans think about modern medicine, he said.

    "(Reeve) had a lot of people supporting his foundation, but it seemed like people within the foundation are waiting to see what the government or what Christopher Reeve has to say," McClanahan said. "They seem to be waiting on the help I had to act and try to get things done for myself."

    His mother Freda believes it's all political.

    "If advanced stem cell research is allowed in America, it'll put a huge dent in the pharmaceutical industry," she said. "The need for pills and other medicines will most likely decrease because diseases and injuries can be cured and not prolonged.

    "American doctors discouraged us not to send our money to Europe for the procedure to be done. They told us our son would never walk," she said.

    Her husband added, "That just made us more determined to have the transplant done, just to prove them wrong."

    Since the stem cell treatments, McClanahan said he has felt sensations of pain and involuntary movements in the paralyzed portion of his body.


    "We have a chance to take a giant stride forward for the good of all humanity" in the next election. "We can choose between the future and the past, between reason and ignorance, between true compassion and mere ideology."- Ron Reagan Jr.

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    Wow that's awesome. Isn't it true that no human has had embryonic stem cells inserted in them? Yet they are the only cells which can create all the required cells in the spinal cord? Neurons, Astrocytes, oligodendrocytes, etc.

    This isn't the same procedure that dr. haung does is it?

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    He says he doesn't know if blood, bone marrow or umbilical cord stem cells were used and then says it was embryonic stem cells. He doesn't seem to understand what cells were used.

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    good for him, thats awesome

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    there is no Stem Cell Therapy in Germany possible. Seem's to be a fake. We heard
    of Dr. Falkenhayn in another thread.


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    Hi, someone knows more about this treatment in germany? Maybe Vallejo can tell us more about?And about his progress? Thanks in advance.

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    I personally know someone that has also gone for this procedure.
    It has been nearly two months since and he has only experienced pain and no recovery what so ever.
    Secondly "Dr. von Falkenhein" is not a medical Doctor, he is a homeopath.

    Two other South Africans have also gone for the procedure. I don't know what their current status are. The "Dr." is trying to gain a lot of support in South Africa. I would however advize against it.
    I was personally interested in going for the procedure my self but there just seems to be too many indescrepancies.

    sorry for the bad news.

    PS. the stem cells are from hamsters and rabbits, from a lab in Mexico.

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    its not good for sci research when so many ppl believe esc injected into the spinal cord will be the cure.

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    i´m sure,there are no esc-treatment in germany

    be dazed and confused

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