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Thread: 4th anniversary of sons suicide

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    So sorry. I just don't know the words to say.
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    Thank you everyone

    Thank you everyone, I know there is little one can say, i have suffered much physical pain due to SCI, neuropathy etc. but loss of my son has been on a much different level and like neuro pain there is nothing that really helps take the pain away... Sorry i have not been online our router decided to quit but i actually made it into work today and used my office machine... One day at a time is the only advice i can give, none of us think we could survive such an awful loss but we have no choice...

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    So sorry for your loss. No doubt it continues hurt. You may want to seek counseling, read scripture, join a support something to help you move forward. Perform random acts of kindness to others. You will get through this.

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    Bad day. Thought for the day: No Regrets.

    If only that were possible.

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