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Thread: "It could have been worse"

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    "It could have been worse"

    99% of the time I let all the misguided (ignorant) comments/questions bounce off me BUT I had to bring my 13yr old dashound to the vet late Sunday night of course I was stressed once things were winding down the vet asked what happened because the last time I was there i was AB I told him I had fell thru a roof and suffered an SCI & broken pelvis he said "well it could have been worse" have a nice night!!! Good thing he left because i was about to unload on him, I am fully aware it could have been worse I do consider myself much luckier then many, there are plenty on CC who have it much tougher then I do but his comment immediately pissed me off...

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    That's an unbelievably ignorant comment. Sure, we all could have it worse but is that really anything to be thankful for? Really?

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    A perfect example pf the need to engage brain before opening mouth. Unfortunately, too many people in this situation have no idea what to say and how to respond so, of course, they $%^ it up.

    If you are not prepared for the answer, do not ask the question. The vet would have been best served to treat you as a person at the onset and forget how you got in the chair as he/she obviously lacks the interpersonal skills to deal with the answer to the question.--eak
    Elizabeth A. Kephart, PHR
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    What a stupid thing to say. He may even have realized it later.

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    I hope this doesn't sound unkind, but next time someone says "It could have been worse", say "It was worse that time my kid committed suicide. This w/chair is a bowl of cherries next to that."

    Some a-holes got religion on me recently, in public. They ended their preaching with "God heals!" I looked at them and said "I wish He'd have started with my son and my father, who both died in December."

    It did shut them up.

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    "It could have been worse";

    "yea, it could have been you."

    Shuts 'em up every time.
    "a T10, who'd Rather be ridin'; than rollin'"

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    For a veterinarian his bedside manner was better than a lot of doctors I've encountered!

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    Another bone-headed comment, "At least you have your health."

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    Don't forget the old "Well, you look good".
    I don't know what this is supposed to mean?
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    I usually hear it preceded with "You're lucky" as in "You're lucky; it could have been worse". I even see the "lucky" here in threads and posts.

    I'm an incomplete para; I'm "lucky" I'm not complete;
    or the complete para whose "lucky" he's not a quad;
    or the incomplete quad who is "lucky" he's not complete;
    and if you are a complete quad, someone, I'm sure has told you "you're lucky to be alive";
    and, if any of us die, at our gravesite, someone will say he's "lucky" he didn't have to live that way.

    I am amazed how "lucky" we can be to have an SCI.
    TM 2004 T12 incomplete

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