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Thread: New video of the beta Rowheels in use.

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    What's the benefit supposed to be, like a manual push-asist? All I could see was you pushed backwards... and it's supposed to help with braking? How's it work?

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    I know I'm in the opposite corner of the country, but I'd love to trial a set for free. I can adjust to "rowing", I mean how long does it take to figure out to go up hill backwards in a regular chair. The hill holder is essential in Seattle.

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    That has completely messed with my head!!!! Oh the hurt!!!!
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    It would be good to exercise opposing muscles but otherwise it looks like a wrist or elbow injury waiting to happen.
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    Quote Originally Posted by lynnifer View Post
    It would be good to exercise opposing muscles but otherwise it looks like a wrist or elbow injury waiting to happen.
    Pushing your regular manual chair forces/compresses the median nerve into the carpal tunnel, increasing the risk of carpal tunnel syndrome. Pulling to go forward (Rowheels) does the opposite buy putting the ligaments and tendons in the wrist in tension.

    Pushing a wheelchair is very bio-mechanicaly inefficient. Read any research paper looking at muscle activity during the pushing phase and you'll see why. Your Pectoralis major, Infraspinatous, and Anterior Deltoids do most of the work, especially at the beginning of the pushing stroke when large initiation forces are required. The triceps don't really contribute until the last part of the pushing.
    In pulling to go forward (Rowheels), the Biceps and Lattisimus dorsi are involved in the pulling phase from the beginning, reducing the work done by the shoulders.
    Rowheels also reduce repetition due to the gear ratio applied.

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    torso stability

    What about people without trunk extensor muscles (the vast majority of motor complete SCI)? Don’t they tend to fall forward pulled by their arms while propelling? Aren’t they compelled to move back head and upper torso at each pull, just to avoid falling?


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