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Thread: Free Comast Phone Directory Assistance

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    Free Comast Phone Directory Assistance

    I recently got the Comcast Triple Play...bundling the TV, internet and telephone services together. Those fuckers at Comcast were going to charge $1.99 for each 411 call (Directory Assistance) using the telephone.

    I told the dude how disgraceful that was and asked about any exemptions for the disabled. Sure enough if you are physically disabled, mentally disabled, visually impaired or in Massachusetts only, 65 years old or older you are exempt from the $1.99 fee.

    Call Comcast and ask about the "Digital Voice and Digital Phone Directory Exemption". Just fill out a brief form and get a Dr.'s letter verifying your condition and send it to Comcast. They will waive the $1.99 fee for each 411 call.

    You won't be saving much money but at least you won't get whacked with a $1.99 fee every time you (or someone using your telephone) calls 411.

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    We've got comcast trip. I really never use 411. But since it's election year + all the other robo calls we get I find the call blocking to be invaluable. and it's free.

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    Directory assistance is free in CA for PWD through all carriers, through the CA Deaf & Disabled Telecommunications Access Program. You just have to complete and submit the application.


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