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Thread: SureHands ceiling lift - Opinions? Alternatives??

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    SureHands ceiling lift - Opinions? Alternatives??

    Who has one? Costs and distributors on the West coast?

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    The Surehands frame sling is good if you have some trunk use, but we had to stop using my mother's as she could not keep her trunk muscles sufficiently tight (no trunk spasticity) to use it safely...even with tightening up the leg straps, it road up under her armpits, causing her pain, and allowing her to slip out the back of the lift. We have now changed over to a cloth sling (not Surehands brand).

    We used this company in the LA area for any Surehands issues:
    Lift & Transfer Specialists, Inc
    7893 Brentwood Blvd
    Brentwood, Ca 94513
    925-240-8474 office

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    Cost can vary a lot depending on how elaborate an installation you get. For just a bedroom setup, the price including installation starts at around $8,000. The company has its own reps and installers.
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    West Coast covers a lot of ground.

    I had Surehands (I think from Brentwood) come to the house in San Diego and give me an estimate. They strongly encouraged me to find my own installer. (!?)

    I decided to be a bit less sophisticated and a lot less expensive. I rented a temporary setup for a month, with the rental applied to the purchase cost, to get a better idea of what I really needed. The company I used was Pacific Mobility Center in San Marcos CA. I give them my highest recommendation. But they do not sell Surehands.
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    Probably the only compelling reason to use a Surehands brand lift would be to get the body support. They will not sell you one unless it is going on Surehands lift. Otherwise there are many similar lift systems available.

    That said, the body support is a godsend for me. I just finished another unpleasant cleanup. I can't imagine removing loaded underwear and cleaning up with a sling. Even ordinary transfers are much simpler. My wife does not have much upper body strength. She has to lock her hands together under the bars to keep her shoulders down.

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    Just got one installed in August. Very professional process from the back office paperwork to the local installer. He knew what he was doing which is very important. My installation took seven hours and was relatively small. I use the body brace that does not acquire any slings. It is quick, easy to use and does not place undue stress on the shoulders.

    I don't know if you plan on using it independently but that could be tricky if you're a quad.

    I went from eight transfers a day down to zero Monday to Friday and three a day Saturday and Sunday for a reduction of 56 transfers a week down to six.

    I suffered a very serious hand injury and can no longer transfer the way I used to. But the more I use it the more I realize that, after 25 years as a quad, that this lift will actually allow me to live a much healthier life and preserve what I have left in my shoulders and hands.

    In addition, I have severe low blood pressure and sleep disorder problems that leave me dangerously dizzy in the morning which has led to several near falls out of the shower chair. We all know the consequences of a thigh fracture or other bone break.

    As long as you'll be using it with assistance it's a no-brainer. I use the wireless remote and the model that has the motorized track trolley as well. One mistake I made in my layout is that I did not extend the track further enough out laterally from my bed to allow a straight up and lateral movement to the bed and chair. I started a 90° curve too close to my bed. Be sure you're positive about your layout as it is committing construction once they bolt it in to the ceiling.

    My layout is basically the shape of an "S" with 2 90° turns plus some straight track and allows me to get in and out of bed and on and off my dressing/exercise table, or ride from one to the other. Total cost was $9600.

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