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Thread: Pink spokes

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    Quote Originally Posted by ~Lin View Post
    I'lll be so jealous! I'd kill for that but I would never be able to afford dinos in the next ten years lol. I had to settle for painting my cheap spokes purple.
    Actually ~Lin I love your painted spokes and that is a serious contender if I can't convince my hubby to splurge. I looked for your painted spoke thread but could not find it? Could you post the link?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Essie View Post
    Hi Erick-
    I am seriously considering a set of your wheels in purple with my new chair Love the look!
    Great wheels, Essie!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Erick [RB] View Post
    Here you go.
    Good job on the pink Erick.
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    Yes, they will be pink. I am hoping they "stick" out against titanium chair. We will see.

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