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Thread: Anyone ever have extended neck pain from sleeping?

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    Anyone ever have extended neck pain from sleeping?

    Like i'm sure most people, during my life i've woken up here and there with a really stiff neck from i guess sleeping wrong. Then in a day or two it goes away.

    Well, over a week ago i woke up with my neck hurting so bad that just trying to transfer out of bed was torture. Any moving of my head caused pain. I've had this happen a few times over the years as i said earlier, so i assumed the pain would go away in a day or two.

    Here i sit 8-9 days later and this stiff neck/pain is still there. It lessens some as the day goes by and i'm up in my wheelchair moving around, but doesn't fully go away. Once i get in bed though and put my head on the pillow, it starts hurting more within 5-10 minutes and builds. I just hope to fall asleep quick.

    Even if i fall asleep pretty quick, as my body naturally wakes me up 1-2-3 times a night to roll to the other side since i'm a C-6 quad with sensation, i wake up to my neck in bad pain if i move my head at all. I don't get why this is lasting so long since i'm not sleeping in a different way than i always have since getting paralyzed many years ago. No change in pillows or sleeping by a cold draft.

    Has this happened to anyone else here where the stiff neck/pain won't go away?

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    Oh, yes.

    I've had two significant bouts of it over the last year and a half. My solutions are frequent massage, and using either a neck roll ( or a pillow designed for side sleeping (

    When the pain is acute, I use heat (one of those thingies you can heat up in the microwave) draped over the neck roll which I lie down on, rather than applying the heat when I'm in a seated position.

    When sleeping, I try to be very conscious of keeping my neck/head in a neutral position, but it's hard, because tiny variations in positioning can put strain on the neck.

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    Katja's experiences sound much like my own. (Love the microwave heat wrap) Currently I'm using a side sleeping pillow and it is working for now. Sometimes all it took was to wash my pillow to fluff it back up.

    "Blessed are the pessimists, for they hath made backups." Exasperated 20:12

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    Thanks for the side sleep pillow idea, i'll go get one today or tomorrow. Looking at it though, it seems like it would be odd to sleep on.

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    Just out of curiosity, have you had a recent steriod injection?

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    I had severe neck pain back in January and wound up in the ER as a quad (instead of my previous para-self). 6 months later diagnosed as a herniated cervical disc & cord compression. If it were me and the neck pain wasn't getting better I'd get it checked out...better safe than sorry.

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    Yeppers here I deal with my course of neck pain all the time i've tried different sleep positions / pillows / incline / decline different matress / different matress pad , It is frustrating I sympathize with you all .
    Dont matter I always have pain in neck .

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    I use a heating pad & support my neck with a memory foam pillow as soon as I get in my chair in the a.m take my morning pills with a cup of coffee, I also use thermo-care (air activated heat) or on less painful days I use hand warmers taped into my clothes I buy them by the case. Not real sure what causes mine but occurring ever since my accident my jaw hit a roof rafter knocking me out temp on my way thru the roof & into SCI... thermo-care start to add up $$ buy do help ..good luck

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    Hey Duder did you ever get that problem fixed? It's happening to me too, but I get this throbbing pain in the back of my neck/head, and when I press down behind my ear where the neck starts, it hurts like hell....

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