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Thread: Buy Low Air Loss Mattress - Good Store?

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    Buy Low Air Loss Mattress - Good Store?

    Just wondering and hoping... can anyone recommend a good store (online or otherwise) to buy a low air loss mattress?

    Has anyone tried the Invacare MicroAir MA80 (which is the one I'm considering for my Dad) -- this seems to be the replacement for the Micro Air 3500-S which KLD recommended awhile ago?

    I may have found a good deal on a Stryker Bed, and the seller told me that it's not necessary to buy a Stryker Bed and it'll work to put an Invacare mattress on it.

    Hope to hear from ya!

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    One thing to keep in mind: If a lal mattress is critical, you should consider service issues. How will you get it repaired or replaced? If that is a major consideration you may need to limit your shopping to local DMEs and the brands they carry and service. Some offer 24/7 emergency service.

    If that is not an issue you might look for a used one on ebay.
    Sometimes they have minimally used ones for a fraction of the cost.
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    Check Hill-Rom out. Im rocking the p400. Its a little awkward to sleep in, yup you will be submerged. You wouldn't even need a pillow when you lay on your back. It is by far the best treatment surface if you consider the psychological stress pressed on by those LAL's w/ loud blowers. Crazy loud blowers, like a turbo jet all frigging night. The down sides i know of is laying on my back for more than two hours personally starts generating heat and moisture. And the constant feeling of my bones being mangled and bottoming out, absolutely no redness though. unless your sheets are all bundled up or you've rolled up into a ball. I've completely forgot my best/preferred sleeping position since my SCI and its the reason i feel mangled every night. Again these two down side are based on my personal experience with a SCI... I see that there is a P500 available! Good luck.
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    Quote Originally Posted by alflyhigh View Post
    ...The down sides i know of is laying on my back for more than two hours personally starts generating heat and moisture...
    which is why LAP is not LAL. The "Loss" air keeps you cool and dry.

    The Micro Air 3500-S is very quiet BTW. I would like to see the new MA series in person to see how they compare.

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    If you are considering the MA80, for a few bucks more, you should get the MA85. Has more features.

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    Thank you for the heads up MS. I will look inyo that MA 3500-S.... The cover sheet on the P400 is special. In fact you could pour water on it and it will dry completely in under an hour. Its consider a LAL but in my thought it technically isn't. Air isn't seeping out threw microscopic lasers holes, like the hill-rom air synergy elite surface i rented 4 a year. This surface is merely silent, much more that a tiny computer fan in open space quieted area. I haven't soaked my bed sheets from moisture/sweat. It just feels that way compound with the feeling of bottoming out when i ly on my back. Essentially there is no pressure from head to toe since there isn't a red spot... Personally i feel mangled if the surface isn't firm. That synergy elite was awesome because it gets extra firm and taut with zero sheer but the blower has to be set at full blown. Did that for a year and couldn't take any more.

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    Quote Originally Posted by alflyhigh View Post
    ...I will look inyo that MA 3500-S....
    As OP said, it's not made anymore. I bought one used. Prior to that we had a Hill Rom Silkair rental and it was very noisy. I was considering getting some noise canceling headphones.

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