Hey everyone. Im a C6 incomplete 20 months post injury. I regained dull sensation every where, some movement in my legs thats not strong enough to be functional, my core seems to be getting better lately, 45lbs grip left hand, 15lbs right hand.

I got hkafo braces made up a couple weeks ago and have been going to pt 2 times a week using them. Now I can get into them and up with a walker by myself. Its such a good feeling being up and able to move around compared to my standing frame. Here are some pics and videos of my progress in them so far. Any tips? I already feel so much better and stable in them after 3 sessions. We are meeting with the guys that built them next week because I cant lock/unlock the hips by myself. It even gives the therapist trouble.

My first time using them sept 19th with a forearm walker. Video-

My second time in them on sept 27th using a regular walker with wheels on the front. Video -
picture -

My 3rd time using them oct 5th. video-

Standing next to my parents... It feels good to be 5' 11" again