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Thread: Is Obsession a Form of Insanity?

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    Ah, you've hit the fundamental question in psychology...what constitutes abnormal behavior/cognition? To put it in perspective, obsession is actually a very normal part of the human cognitive falling in love...people get obsessed there too. The key to whether or not obsession is pathological depends on how it impacts YOU. If it's bothering you, or interferes with your ability to function, or causes you to do socially unacceptable things, then there ya go...probably pathological. That said....obsessing over our chairs isn't all that different from somebody AB obsessing over a hotrod, is it? (Course our obsession over wheelchairs is rather necessary...unless we want to get stuck with something crappy cheap-tastic and be miserable or unsafe just doing ADLs.) I hope you get to try an Icon soon!
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    Jeff was suppose to have a conference call with my *new* DME today at 4pm. I think I am going to go insane with speculation as to whether they are going to work with him or not. ARGH!
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    Sitting on pins and needles with you Essie. Hope it all happens.
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    I would say obsession is a form of humanity.
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