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Thread: Mitrofanoff Problem?

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    Mitrofanoff Problem?

    My daughter has had her Mitrofanoff for almost three years. Today she cathed out about 50ml before school at 7am (after three hours), at nine she felt like she needed to cath and only cathed out about 50ml again. She started feeling "out of it" and wanted to come home. I cathed out yet another 50mlish at noon we cathed out 500ml!

    I have a call into her urologist and plan to flush out the Mitro while I wait for their call back. I just had to throw it out here to see if anyone has had this happen?

    She is still not herself as she comes down from an AD session....which I know can take awhile. Her BP is ok.

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    May need to have a cystoscopy. Is her urethra still open or was this surgically closed?


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    Urethra is open. Cystoscopy would be nice to rule more things out.

    Since my original post she ran a fever of 101 and when I went to transfer her for program she had a diarrhea explosion once she left the seat of her chair.

    Now...fever is down, she ate and she is playing xBox and having a great time.........cathing seems to be back to normal volume and clear.
    Doc is going to see her in June for her yearly urological workup. I'll continue to monitor everything and see how tomorrow goes. I was thinking she had developed bladder stones or something. Maybe we are dealing with a virus. Time will tell.

    Thanks for the input SCI-Nurse.

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