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    ....And while most mainstream stem cell research is still in the Petri dish, TriStem this week announced that the first four patients - to receive its treatment have made dramatic recoveries from their aplastic anaemia within days. What's more, the firm says its technology holds similar promise for the wide range of debilitating diseases that mainstream stem cell researchers are tackling, such as heart failure, spinal cord injury and type 1 diabetes.

    If previous experience is anything to go by, these claims are likely to draw guffaws of disbelief. But while the latest results fall short of definitive proof that the technique works, they are certainly intriguing.

    "If it's true, it's a fundamental rewrite of the textbooks," says Richard Boyd, a stem cell researcher based at Monash University in Melbourne who has reviewed their data first-hand.

    It would be, he says, "Nobel Prize-winning stuff"..........

    be dazed and confused

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    Even if TriStem succeeds in these other fields, it can sometimes take decades to translate advances in basic science into treatments used in the clinic.
    This is from the same article posted by dyonisos.

    If ASC or ESC can trandifferentiate into oligodentrocites, astrocyts, & neurons, the problem of restoring the correct synaptic responses may be the most difficult accomplishment to achieve.

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    Something happening with this companies product in Pakistan

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