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Thread: Weird sensations

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    There are no legitimate stem cell therapies for humans with SCI at this time.

    It is unusual to get back trunk muscles first in an injury like yours, but there is no way to determine if you will continue to get motor return or not.


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    Lets hope for the best. Im always optimistic.

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    Im working hard as i can to get my trunk muscles back to a 100%

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    Anyone else with similar sensations? And if they ever transformed into something?

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    Sensations are very hard to compare. There were times with me that I felt sensations and then it was followed up with some type of return. But honestly, I have strange sensations all the time so it's hard to tell. Two days after surgery my legs started to feel lighter. I took that as a good sign even though I still couldn't move or feel them. At in-patient therapy I told the PT's I thought it felt like my legs were trying to move even though they couldn't. They were very skeptical but the next morning on the therapy table they put skates on me to remove gravity and I was able to move my legs.

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    I feel more than before I strongly believe its retun of sensation.

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    I am by no means an expert. But I did sleep at a holiday in last night. As far as I am concerned anything that returns as the swelling and shock subsides would indicate preserved function. This is always a good sign. I don't know what would be considered normal preservation with your type injury though. My motto has always been work and pray for the best, but prepare for the worst.

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    I totally agree with you.
    The positivity in ur post makes me more optimistic about myself.

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    Sometimes I can feel when someone is rubbing my feet. But then it goes away...its on and off.

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    There's also a strange sensation that comes and goes in my private area, I can feel that it exists then the feeling goes. It's on and off....

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