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Thread: how to become a disability adviser ?

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    how to become a disability adviser ?

    how to become a disability adviser ?
    Is there any special courses or diploma i need . am quadriplegia since 2004 and i would love to study something about this. course, diploma, master or even phd but am not a dr .

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    What do you mean by "disability advisor"?? Are you talking about a vocational rehabilitation specialist? Social worker? Rehabilitation psychologist? Those 3 all require at least a masters degree in the specialty field.

    If you are talking about a peer counselor or mentor, then the requirements for this are established by different disability advocacy organizations or rehabilitation centers based on criteria that they establish, and usually training is required, although not necessarily a degree. You would have to talk with the sponsoring organization and their peer counseling program representative.


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    It's needed JUST. Getting a degree is a worthwhile goal. Sounds like you want to give back,

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    It's definitely possible. I know of a guy w/ an injury at c4-6 who I just met last week for advice on benefits, working and receiving Medicaid. He works at (and is paid) an independent living's called the Center for Independence in Albany, NY.

    I'd love to be doing his job...

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