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Thread: Poor Lecturers!!

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    Poor Lecturers!!

    I always recall my undergraduate days in the last decade. There were a few lecturers who were really poor. When i asked them, they could not give me satisfactory answers. Bxll-shxt answers!!

    Once a lecturer made a mistake in the spelling of a word on transparency. When i asked her what she meant, she explained but i didn't understand. Later i found that she had copied the content from a book but she made mistake with the spelling of the word, which made the whole the sentence not understandable. Still she did not realize but gave bxll-shxt explanation!!

    Once there was a lecturer who was the worst!! She could not explain to me at all the material she had shown me. I had never accused the material of being wrong but i just needed her to explain. She started looking up the books. After some time when she could not find anything and could not explain to me, she lost temper on me, shouted at me, 'If you think it is wrong, prove to me it is wrong! This is your project, not my project....' That was the material she had shown me. When she could not explain her own material, it means she was not smart, not knowledgeable enough, not my fault and mistake!!

    Another lecturer.....lousy! But let me stop here....
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    Yup, clown college can be a real drag.

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    You spelled bullshit wrong...
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