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Thread: Tramadol 50mg 2x a night b4 bed

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    Question Tramadol 50mg 2x a night b4 bed

    Does anyone have any serious side effects with tramadol hcl? So far i have about 4 or 5 side effects including hullucinating(<--didnt spell that right) i took 75 mg.The hullucinations were scary!!!!!

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    I had major problems with my gums and teeth. It felt like they were rotting off my gums. I found out it was the tramadol. It is a nasty medicine and effects us all differently. A few days after I stopped taking it, my mouth was fine. It did nothing for my pain. I had to try it, a lot of people do use it. I wish you well.

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    I was doing OK on it, but when I did not take it, I would feel bad. Yes I was feeling the with-drawl. So decided to quit, and man o man the with-drawls were hell. Lasted about 5 days, and one of those days was all mental, with depression, and the hole gamut of emotions. Turns out it was not doing much for my pain anyway. I'm trying Lyrica now, and it has some nasty side affects as well. Man I hate all this stuff, but pain is no fun ether.
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    I agree with Flying, the side effects across the board can be diff.
    Me personally take 5 or 6 thur out the day with little issues.
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