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Thread: Impact of cushion on RSH?

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    Impact of cushion on RSH?

    I just got a new cushion that makes me sit up higher than my old one. My finger tips no longer reached my wheel hubs, so I had to lower my RSH by .5" (dump is now 3"). Today I switched back to my old cushion for a bit, and sure enough, I was way too low. My stroke feels fine in the new cushion/seat configuration - the chair is a bit more responsive, but a tad tippier.

    I'm curious if it's normal to have to adjust RSH like this for a new cushion? I'd like to replace my ZRA with a ZR or TR3 at some point, but I'd like the flexibility to continue experimenting with cushions.

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    The fingertip-on-axle rule is just a guideline used because it's easy.

    The actual science is slightly more difficult to apply, but has a wider RSH range for any given user. The science actually reveals a range of elbow angles (100-130 degrees) when in a standardized seating position. For me I'm happier when my fingertips reach a little below the axle. The research paper is attached (paper's conclusion is highlighted near the end).

    And I find this MagicWheels video quite interesting because the user's fingertips are significantly below his axles (watch the video at about 55 seconds).

    In summary, don't get too hung up on how exactly your fingertips align with your axle.
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    Hi Chas,

    Thanks for the reference. I was just using fingertips as a reference point. My balance was off (harder to do a wheelie) and I couldn't reach back as far while pushing. It is good to know that I should t have to worry about this with every new cushion.

    Thanks again.

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