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Thread: What's your COG???

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    Ok, just measured mine, my COG is at 4". I like it like this but it does limit how much weight I can take in the backpack! Backrest is 8" high (measured from cusion) and it's set up so I've got a very upright sitting position, but my upper body is completely unrestricticed which I love.

    Re antitippers: I hate them, I took them off a few months into rehab much to the horror of the staff! The limit what you can do and they give you a false sense of security because you can still go over backwards. You need to learn to feel when you're about to overballance and correct it yourself, not rely on antitips.
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    Gee all this talk, I feel like a wimp. I can do better now that I have a sense of control of the chair. I'm moving off ground zero, slammed all the way back in the axle mount on the quickie.

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    Quote Originally Posted by pacrossbow View Post
    calling BS on the wrong person my friend. C6/7 quad no amputee here.

    both pictured are my everyday chairs.

    one of my other chairs with a 6.5" COG, 19" FSTF, and 16.5" RSTF:
    Great pictures, thanks. I wouldn't have thought it was possible based on how I feel when I get in to the higher numbers but you're doing it just fine and you want even more COG. What surprised me even more was that you and I are so close in FSH-RSH numbers. I'm 19FSH 16RSH. SCI_OTR knows his stuff for sure, I guess COG numbers just don't apply evenly to everyone. It always comes back to the same thing, everyone is different. Nice looking chairs by the way.

    It's hard to find that balancing point (no pun intended) on comparing yourself to others and understanding that things will be different. I know my set-up, which has taken me years to figure out, works for me. That has to be what matters.

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