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Thread: Questioning use of FES bike

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    Questioning use of FES bike

    Dr. Young -

    I have been searching for a comment that you made about the use of FES bikes relative to Taub's learned non-use study. If I remember correctly, you questioned whether it is a good idea to subject leg muscles to electrical stimulation that is so strong that it would be painful if a person had sensation in their legs.

    Much discussion on this site supports the use of FES bikes and reports on the positive benefits. If I am remembering your comment correctly, this is the first time that I have seen the use of FES bikes questioned. Could you direct me to this comment if you remember where it is? Also, could you comment further on this issue? Thank you.

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    TsMom, I was not questioning the use of FES stimulation but just pointing out that there are some studies that suggest that painful stimulation of the legs may disrupt patterns of movement in the spinal cord of rats. This is something that people may want to keep in mind.


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    Let me explain in greater detail about the data indicates. Two years ago, I was at the Neuroscience meeting and saw a poster there from Jim Grau at Texas A & M who reported that strong electrical stimulation of rat legs after spinal cord injury can retard recovery of locomotor function. I just tried to look for the publication but was not able to find it. However, I discussed the finding and its implications in this topic. Scroll down to a long answer that I have on the subject.



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    Dr. Young -

    As always, thank you for the helpful information.

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