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Thread: How do you secure the flip valve on your legbags?

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    How do you secure the flip valve on your legbags?

    I have this pesky problem with the flip valves on my legbags accidentally getting flipped open and well...there ain't no toilet following me around to catch the spill! I can't use the other 2 types of outlet closures I've encountered (twist and thumb switch on a short tube extending from the outlet) due to hand dexterity. Would something like an athletic wrist sweatband slipped over top the end of the bag do the trick? What do you think the ease of getting the bugger over my foot and sliding it out of the way when I want to flip the valve would be? Better, tried and tested method suggestions much appreciated!

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    it happened on me undressing so i put a piece of surgical tubing on the drain spout and then put a white tube clamp from a night bag. if the flip flow valve opens the white tube clamp prevents leakage.

    the tubing on the drain valve also helps when a h/c stall is not up to ada code and you cant get as close as you would like.

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    have you tried the bags with the rubber cap.. they dont come off by accident- never had it happen 1 time in 7 years, ..
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    I leave the drain tubing a bit long (especially because then it is easier to get the end over the toilet) and then I tuck that tube under the fabric leg strap, effectively folding the bottom of the bag. This keeps the valve protected behind the bag.
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    The thumb switch on a short tube is our best bet... Some one needs to design a quad friendly extended lever.. that way we could press the lock against our shoe and use the back of our wrist/hands to pry it open... this thumb switch is the most secure in my book.

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    I use a freedom coloplast style with the flip lever. The lever & drain tubing flip up against the bag and tuck into a little "pocket". The lever is against the bag, kind of hidden, so it takes. Lot of work to accidentally release it. With my limited finger use, I'm able to hook my thumb against the drain tube to untuck it.

    Here's a link that has the closest picture to it

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    Some interesting ideas. Thanks! The problem with those thumb clamps that are fairly common on bedside bags is that I can't even pry those open when I actually want it to drain!@sledgrl, I looked at the picture, but I didn't see any view that showed off the "pocket". I really like my Hollister bags. They're super durable, don't get stinky, have an awesome elastic strap design, and have the flip valve that works (2nd) best for me. Number one favorite valve is on the coloplast conveen 1500ml night bag. It can be a wee bit tough to slip a nail or something under the flip part, but I can operate it and it has yet to fail me.

    @roc21, what kind of rubber cap are you referring to? I only have tenodesis, so while it may prevent spills, it also sounds improbably helpful without more hand function.
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    Ramo - here's the information off the leg bag packaging for the ones with the pocket thing.
    Freedom coloplast REF 9005
    500ml leg bag kit with Fas-Tap drainage port & flocked back
    The diagram labels it as the "pocket"

    Once the hurricane passes and I have my computer plugged back in, I'll upload a picture of the bag and packaging.

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    Ramo. Maybe we could design it so that we press those clamps/locks, that are common on bedside bags, press them to lock and then press them to open as well. Im w/ you these clamps/locks are superior. Us quaddies are real good at pressing.

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    If I am wearing long skirt or / sweatpants I add a piece of surgical tubing to the drain port about ankle side of shoe hidden for those accidental flip leak problems

    I use a Hair tie band tied around the flip valve lever it is easier for my cramped up hands

    It is embaressing when you get accidently wet ...

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