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Thread: Phone controlled door lock

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    Phone controlled door lock

    For those who were interested in such things, this is designed to control the deadbolt. Not cheap, but somewhat simple in concept.
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    There is something really cool about this. Not just the product, but the business model too. They put out a video that goes viral, saying they need 1000 orders to justify the first production run. They get almost 10,000 orders. Unless they can't deliver at a profit, it looks like they have a winner.

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    I love this product. I have recently been thinking about gettin a # code lock but this is so much better. These guys should go on Shark Attack. I bet the rep on there from QVC would snatch it up. Actually they probably all would. I have also been looking for a doorbell intercom that you could answer from your cell phone. Anyone know of one.

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    Thanks Kulea for sharing this interesting technology

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