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Thread: Best states to live in w/ a disability?

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    Quote Originally Posted by ECUrach85 View Post
    Stay away from nc!!
    NC is a pretty conservative state.

    Somewhat surprising to me "next door" Virginia has many progressive programs for persons with disabilities. Mostly due to decades of advocacy on the part of the disability community.

    There are several consumer directed disability Medicaid wiavers. a consumer directed personal assistance services (PAS) program for people who are over income ( working) and ineligible for Medicaid waivers ( it is sliding scale based on income). An extensive network of Centers for Independent Living (CILS) though some CILs are better than others and other programs which have a heavy emphasis on consumer directed services. Unfortunately, like many state budgets there has not been much funding for new programs or expansion so many programs have waiting lists.

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    Another great thing about Jersey is that all gas stations are full service by law. You can not go out and pump your own gas. Eventhough it's full service the prices are still a lot cheaper than most states self service prices. In Jersey, regular is $3.29 a gal compared to NY $3.69 a gal self service.
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    Oregon gas stations are full service by law as well.
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    Quote Originally Posted by DexRex View Post

    I'm relatively new here, but not new to disability... c5 quad about 30 years post injury.

    I'm thinking about relocating to somewhere warmer, but I need to find a state that offers personal care helpers through state Medicaid. (Try as I might, I just can't go w/o some help each day.)

    Any info on where you live and what services your state provides will be greatly appreciated.

    Not sure if this has already been mentioned, however I strongly recommend everyone here consider the "state of recovery".
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    You are one of few and lucky. I too live in NY,(upstate). It has been nothing but the worse nightmare for my husband and I. They gave him crappy straight medicaid with a $700 spend down,which is 1/2 of his SSD. That is the only income we have. So, basically he doesnt have any insurance.I don't have any insurance I was denied. DO NOT COME TO BROOME COUNTY. Medicaid has actually hurt him from applying to pharmaceutical companies for help with medicine costs. If you have medicaid,medicare or any other coverage you don't qualify. I could go on and on about what little help and resources are available to 46 year old ,newly disabled person from an accident. Its sickening and so hurtful with go from middle class to poverty,yet you get too much SSD money($1476) a month to be able to get help. They call it "OVER INCOME".......go figure....

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