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Thread: urine management problem

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    Hi all, it's been a while since i came to the forum. I was dischared from Rancho Los Amigos few weeks ago. I have a sweating below the injury level when i'm sitting on the wheelchair and high especially at night. Can anyone tell me why i'm having this sweating? any advice please?

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    What did they say at Rancho about this?

    Many new injuries have problems with inappropriate sweating. It usually gets better with time.

    It would of course be important to make sure you are not having autonomic dysreflexia (what is your blood pressure when this occurs?) and that you do not have a syrinx (syringomyelia) which can also sometimes cause inappropriate sweating.


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    When I was at Rancho Los Amigos, I was not that concerned and they didn't say anything. After I came home I've read somewhere that sweating below the injury level is a symptom of syrinx and that's when I got more worried. My blood pressure is normal and most of the time in the lower side. So, what are the symptoms of Syrinx? Could i have it without the symptoms?

    Thank you SCI nurse for the reply.

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