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Thread: urine management problem

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    High volumns can cause high pressures, decrease blood flow to the bladder, and increase risks of UTIs. Over time, high pressures and over-distention can start to damage the kidneys, but it is unlikely that this is already the case so soon after injury.

    I am more worried about you having a DVT that is insufficiently treated (Lovenox is for prevention, NOT treatment of DVT) and that you were not treated preventatively for this when first injured. That is the standard of care. Try to get the Doppler done ASAP...waiting until Tuesday may be dangerous.

    Sounds like you need to get to an expert SCI rehab hospital ASAP. Why did you not go immediately? Where are you going to go?


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    not sure cause your injury is so new that botox in your bladder would be a good idea or not. I am sure the sci nurse could answer. But I never had incontinince issues until about 6 months post. Then it got horrible I would piss my pants no matter what I drank or how often I cathed. I got botox in my bladder and it has been awesome. I can go 6 to 8 hours without cathing but as stated before I pay attention to how much is coming out. If I drink beer then I have to cath about every three hours HAHA. Good luck and welcome

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    Rarely is Botox recommended except for those at least 12 months post injury, and only if they have failed, or had excessive side effects with the use of the usual anticholenergic medications listed above.


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    Dear SCI NURSE,
    I really appreciate your unreserved support and help for new SCI like me who do not have any idea about our injury and the necessary care. i consider myself so lucky to find you!!!!!
    Regarding the DVT treatment i had no idea i had to get blood thinner. my first surgery (emergency) was at UCLA. I stayed only three days and i do not know if they gave me blood thinner or not. then i was stransferred to kaiser hospital. during two and half weeks stay at kaiser hospital i did not get any medicine for DVT. since i am not familiar about my injury and the necessary care i did not ask them about the issue of DVT.
    I will have the dopler tomorrow, the Dr. told me that he gave me levonox temporarily untill the ultrasound result comes out. for some reason, it appears (at least for me) the swelling on my leg seems to dicreased a little bit.
    as my the fracture in my hand is healing. i am expecting that i will be transferred to a specialized SCI hospital/rehab called Rancho los amigos at Downey, california.
    I would like to express my heartfelt thanks and appreciation for all members of this forum for their endless support at this dark moment in my life.

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    Glad you are getting to Rancho. It does not appear that you have had care up to this time that is coming from professionals very experienced with SCI. I hope you do not have a DVT, as that may delay your transfer to Rancho. Rancho has an excellent reputation, in spite of being a county hospital. When are you expected to be transferred??


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    I'm worried now, if i have the DVT do you think that i won't be allowed to go Rancho, so do you think would happen next....

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    I'm glad to inform you that my Doppler reulst shows no DVT today!

    on the other hand, I am having a problem in retaining my urine. until last week I have been self cathiterizing every 6 hrs. my bladder used to retain 500-800 cc.(the out put every 6 hr.). as of last week I am having leak between my cat times. some times it is not a "leak" it flows (probably about 100 cc or more). I tried to increase the frequency of the cath time (every 4 hrs) but the problem persists. I also start using condom catheter at night. I am really having diffculty in managing my urine. if anyone has any advise in this regard i would really appreciate.
    thank you.

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    Just curious...why are you using a woman's screen name (Martha) when you are male? A condom catheter between caths is a good way to contain your incontinence. You could start on anticholenergic medications to try to keep you dry between caths, but usually the urologists want to do your first urodynamics off these meds. How soon are you going to Rancho??


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    hahah.... my user name is my mom's name, b/s i love her so much, no other specific reason. I'm going to Racho either at the end of this week or the beginning of next week. They didn't give me specific date. thank you for your help.

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    Every time I've had a high volume of urine >1000 cc, I had incontinence for a couple days. One of my high volumes led to a kidney infection. Do not let this happen to you. It sucks waking up in the middle of the night and cathing all the time, but it must be done for your well being. I think it is too early for you to have bladder stones. JM

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