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Thread: Permobil M300 question

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    Permobil M300 question

    I have question about "ground clearance." What does it mean? It seems to me that my new chair doesn't have the 3.1" it's supposed to have. Also, does anyone have any comments, ideas, dos, don't etc? Image is on my Facebook page. Thanks

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    The 3.1" is the distance between the surface and undercarriage where the battery, etc. are stored. Depending on how long your legs are and the footrest length to accommodate them, the footrests may give less clearance. In fact, I have long legs and without some tilt or dump in the seat and a little angle in the footrests, the footrests almost touch the surface.
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    thanks. I was just thinking about this before I read your reply. You make sense. the fixed chair should be back, Tuesday. I got a little freaked when the foot plates dropped, not angled, so far that they were scraping the floor. The chair had been here for three days & wasn't doing that at all. thx

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    If you ever need a lift for the M300. Harmar is the only platform lifft that will lift a chair over 350 lbs. Model Harmar AL625HD.

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