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Thread: Tire size helpppppp

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    If you expand tread width especially knobby, you need to account for anything the tire may end uf rubbing against. These tires They are useless in snow. They will rip your clothing and gloves aprart. Brakes become useless vey quick and need fast adjusting because of the tire wears. I have never gotten a flat. Yes they look "cool" and people look and wonder "what the hell?" but you really need to consider where you would be primarily be using the tire. If it is all day indoor and outdoor, you better do a good evaluation. They WILL DESTROY indoor house molding. I have piles of clothes I threw in the garbage.

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    My background is in biking, for years I've used a recumbent trike. I've put thousands of miles on each of several sets of tires. I personally favor Schwalbe tires and tend to use one of three sets depending on the type of riding I am doing. If I absolutely can't afford the 15 minutes to fix a flat and will be traveling over gutters filled with broken glass, I use Marathon Plus. Those things are truly bombproof. They do have significantly more rolling resistance. Next tire is the Big Apple, super comfortable but a little slow. Think huge balloons. Last, and most often, I use Kojaks. Very fast, comfortable, and surprisingly tough. You can get either a 35-559 or a 50-559 and it should fit your rims.

    You actually get very little use out of tread. It doesn't channel water at the tire width we use. It does help a little in low friction situations like ice or loose sand. You can almost always overcome low friction by using low torque - push slow and steady not hard.

    When inflated to the same pressure, a wider tire will take less energy to push than a narrow tire. A wide tire is also slightly more cushioning at the same pressure, and significantly more cushioning at a lower pressure.

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