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    my grandmother suffered from a stroke last year. the right side of her body is paralyzed. she is suffering from urinal infection because she has been using urinary catheters for the past year. today she had a seizure and she couldn't breathe. could you please tell me why this happened and what i should do if this happens again?

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    was it a seizure or an autonomic episode?
    was her heart racing, profuse sweating, gasping for breath, but no loss of consciousness? if so I suspect it was an autonomic episode caused by tachycardia like I get.

    it is horrible and can look like a seizure. something can trigger that, like a hot shower, or just standing or changing position. Im having the kind that can be triggered by just moving standing or turning over.

    what was she doing when this happened?

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    a uti also triggers it. especially if her electrolytes, salts and potassium are off.
    can you give her a gatoraid a day? at least a sixteen ounce bottle. that will help while she gets her uti treated.

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    Her body was having an autonomic response to some sort of stimulation (uti). It caused her brain to over-react, in simple terms. Did she have a fever? Fast pulse? Rapid breathing and then no breathing?

    The answers may help me to answer it more completely.

    You can also go on the National Stroke Association's website and the Urologic Society website for more information that may be more specific to your grandmother.


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