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    Has anybody used aMotomed with rehamove witch is the fes.I have used the Rti but can't get financing through the company.The banks want between 8-12% witch I think is crazy

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    Not really sure I understand your question? But the motomed will just range your legs and not exercise them. I dunno how much good it will really do to apply stim at a continues rate as it still will really not be exercising your legs. Why not just buy a used older electrologic or even a used RTI for a decent price? I see you live in R.I (is glendale near slatersville?) I use to own a business down around there, I'm near newport now. Anyhow, any questions feel free to pm me, maybe I can help you out.
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    I recently rode a demo Motomed with FES. It seemed functionally equivalent to the RT 300, but the interface was much more user friendly. I didn't need reading glasses and a ball point pen to select tiny icons. And they can stim the lower leg without resorting to a wireless connection that I've found lacks reliability on the RT. The MM folks claim they have proprietary waveform technology that allows higher electrode power densities without causing skin irritation. I ride an older ERGYS for an hour 3x weekly and don't have a problem with those electrodes either. I'm a C7 complete.

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