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Thread: Should It Take This Long?

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    Should It Take This Long?

    Let me first start by saying part of this is my fault. I waited too long before starting the process of getting a new chair, my old one is now unusable, and I am in quite a quagmire.

    With that said, here is the situation. I knew I needed a new chair so I made an appointment with my doctor to get a prescription (for a new chair). No problems there. I then made an appointment with the insurance required PT. She could not meet with me until the following week. She was suppose to contact the insurance required DME so we could all meet together. On the day of the PT appointment the DME never showed up although I am not sure if the PT actually contacted them or not.

    Another appointment, with the PT and DME, was made for the following week but on the day of the appointment it was cancelled. I spoke with both parties and they each blamed the other for the cancellation.

    The following week another appointment was made and everyone managed to show up. Unfortunately, the demos the DME brought were way too large and she did not bring a solid back to demo. I had multiply questions she said she would ask TiLite and get back to me.

    The next week (last Monday 9/24) I had another appointment with the DME to demo a TR3 and CF solid back. The seating lady was still unable to answer some of my questions and it was very clear I knew more about the TiLite TR3 and ZR than she did. In the end I said that I would really like to demo the ICON before ordering anything.

    That night I gave her Jeff Adam's contact information and have heard nothing since. I am quite sure this is not the fault of Jeff as he has been extremely responsive to all correspondence I have had with him.

    I am using an old, large hospital style chair and trying to crutch when areas are not accessible (IE the bathroom). I have fallen more times than I can count (and I'm a high school math teacher :P) and two of those times have required trips to the ER. We have not even gotten to the point of insurance submission.

    Am I being childish for expecting better? Are the DMEs so busy that appointments are minimum one week out? Is this the best service available? I have never had to wait like this. I am in significant pain and becoming highly emotional so perhaps this is clouding my judgement. What are your thoughts? Is >5 weeks before ordering a normal timetable?

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    I had to wait 6 months after they ordered my electric chair because they messed up the order. Chair was in...but had to wait till they made things right.
    Seems like I called 30 times and they would not call me back.
    Seems like they would want there money....they finally got it to me 6 months after it was in and said I hope I would buy from them again....lmao.....fat chance...the guy I that ordered it for me thinks they won't be around in another 5 years.
    Last chair before that I had it in 3 weeks.

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    @art Yeah... my A4 took about three weeks total.

    the chair before that my insurance gave me certain parameters to follow and then reimbursed me after purchasing the chair. I was lucky on that one since a dealer had a demo that fit close to perfect.

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    It doesn't seem right taking that long on my last chair I had it with a couple of weeks....I love the guy that does the ordering for all my things whether it be a chair, or things for my van he is great....

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    I can't help with your new chair. But if you live in or near a big city, check with the American cancer society there. Some places have a lending library. Maybe borrow a smaller chair, while you get yours.

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    My impressions of ultralight delivery from reading this forum are 1) quick delivery (<4 weeks) occurs only when you pay out-of-pocket and order online, and 2) when insurance and a DME are involved, delivery takes 3-5 months from initial contact.

    The VA provided my chair. Rx date was end of June; chair receipt was end of October. And I knew exactly what I wanted at the first fitting (at which everyone showed up in the middle of July) - the order form was completely filled out.
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    I received the script from my Dr around Nov 2nd and the chair was ready mid January, which was earlier than what I was quoted to expect.
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    I m in australia, been in a loan chair for 3years, need customized seating each seating clinic appointment has been and gone with progressively more modifications needed but still no chair.

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    I get mine quickly and my insurance pays 80 percent and I pay 20. But like I said the guy I use is awesome

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    If you can afford it, you might could get a better-fitting used wheelchair on Craigslist or Ebay? (I've had better luck with Ebay than CL) I know it's not a long-term solution, but it might help hold you over until you actually get one made for you. Tilite on Ebay has an excellent selection of sizes, they ahve some available as folders, some rigid, a lot of different sizes. It could be valuable as a back-up chair as well, even once you get your new one. I'm a part-time user, and I ended up going with a used ZRA from Ebay because my insurance will cover absolutely nothing for mobility purposes until 5000 is reached as a deductible...which my family cannot afford. So a 530$ chair off Ebay was the best option I had. (vs my old hospital chairs (they kept breaking.), which was out of pocket too.) I know not everyone can do that, but if you can it's a pretty good deal. Too bad there aren't any Icons used for sale, too new I guess to get second-hand ones yet.

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