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Thread: John Hockenberry TED Talk

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    John Hockenberry TED Talk

    Great attitude & ideas after all these years...

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    Thanks for posting that. I always enjoy hearing John Hockenberry, and I think his book about his life after SCI is one of the best I have read as well.


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    The part where he talked about the flashing caster lights brought a smile. I met John several years ago at a technology conference where he was the keynote speaker. When we met our conversation became focused on a discussion of wheelchair wheels. lol He convinced me to get a wheelchair with 26" wheels. They were an essential part of his gear when wheeling in the rough terrain he often encountered in undeveloped areas he often reported from. He is an all around great guy.
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    JH remains a personal hero and all-round helluva nice guy the time I met him. I was a a groupie meeting Slash except I was in a w/chair meeting JH. His book got me thru rehab. And life since, as well.

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