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Thread: New Spinal Cord Injury - 19 year old brother

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    It is great to hear good news and cool that he will be coming home.
    No time to slack off with such good progress. Keep after it and great luck to you both.
    Now back to work.

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    Nicole! That's great news about your brother!! It is SO exciting every time they realize a "new move" The fact that he can now feed himself and brush his teeth will do wonders for his self esteem! When my husband was finally able to feed himself it was a big accomplishment! It must feel so awesome to have a doctor talk about his chance in walking!! It's SO good to hear that! Although we have not had any doctors tell us that I do love reading that the odds are good for incompletes to walk again

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    PA Attendant Care helped my mother care for me after I came out of rehab.
    This might work for your brother and mother.
    I wish your family the best.

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