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Thread: 38 USC 1151 opinions

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    38 USC 1151 opinions

    I had a stomach ulcer and was treated over a year.. had biosies.. at first biopsies came back atipical after more test and biopsies they came back normal, also my ulcer was healing up. The VA said I needed a Bill Roth 2, a Vegotomy and Rouz-N-Y, after all this I had a Gatric pacemaker implanted.. My aurgument is, If my ulcer was healing, not bleeding, and biopsies were normal, why did they cut half my stomach out and do the vagotomy that left me with Gastroparesis and had to have a Gastric pacemaker.. during all this surgery I almost died. It looks like none of the surgery was needed at all.
    Please reply with opinions

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    Do you have a spinal cord injury? That is the focus of these forums, you know?

    Have you discussed this with your VA physician? Did you request a second opinion at the time? Have you talked to the Patient Advocate at the VA where the surgery was done? Do you have a veteran's chartered organization NSO advocating for you?

    You should get the names of the procedures done accurately also. I assume that the following is what you actually had done:

    Billroth II Surgery

    Roux-en-Y Surgery

    Vagotomy Surgery

    Gastric Pacemaker


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    I would recommend that you take your question to this website.

    Go ahead and sign up and post it in the VA disability claims (general) forum. It is a safe site for vets by vets and raters and former DOD and VA workers. You will get true and correct answers to your questions and no spam or advertising. (You may browse the site, but before you sign up and sign in there will be on site advertising.)

    Just like this site, there are some who will answer without knowing much about your question, but eventually the right ones will come and you can trust absolutely opinions from a poster named Cruiser. Just do not ask him specifically. It is considered impolite to do so. He will see it and respond if he can help you.

    You need to be very clear on why you consider your injuries to be malpractice or negligence and state also what they are specifically and whether they are from a service connected injury. Also state whether or not you have residual damage from the negligence of the doctor or health care provider.

    It may take some back and forth on the website, but eventually someone will be able to help you.
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    Thank you I am new to this site and was not sure how to use it..

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