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Thread: Which VA SCI Unit??

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    Which VA SCI Unit??

    hope i'm posting in the right place!! My brother was injured in
    august. he flipped his truck and has a t-5 injury. he is in the bronx va right now but is thinking about getting transfered to the boston va. he is hearing that hte program in boston is better for sci. im hoping to get some feed back from anyone that has been in either va or in both of them.

    thanks in advance!!

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    I would recommend that that he continue at the VA SCI Center closest to where he plans to be living after discharge, to help with having a smooth transition to an outpatient program, and also to make it easy to get on-going care and his annual evaluations. The Bronx VA has an excellent reputation and is a leader in both technology and research in this field.


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    I had a very good experience doing rehab at the West Roxbury SCI center 20 years ago, and feel that my ongoing care and supply & medication program is very good. I feel like my providers listen to my concerns and do their best to accommodate my needs.

    I see that you are from upstate NY, and depending on where upstate, Boston may be closer than The Bronx.
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