dr. young recently started a thread about celebrities who are affected, either directly or indirectly, by spinal injuries.
for a few weeks now i've noticed celebs on tv wearing yellow bracelets, and wondered what they were.
i did a google search and found this:
"Engraved with the words "LiveStrong," these yellow rubber bracelets can be spotted on students and teachers alike on Blair Boulevard as part of the Lance Armstrong Foundation's campaign to raise money for cancer research and education. They have passed the $12 million mark in sales all over the world. But with celebrities like Matt Damon, Lindsay Lohan, Ashley Olson and even both President George W. Bush and Presidential candidate John Kerry sporting the LiveStrong bracelet, these yellow bands have become more than just a fundraiser-they are embedded into this fall's fashion."

if something becomes fashionable, and celebs pick up on it, a lot of awareness and money can be raised.....12 million in the above case.
so how about blue (or whatever.....but blue is the color of handicap parking, so already identifiable) bracelets for sci awareness and fund raising?
but how do you get the ball rolling?
i mean, how do you get famous ppl to wear the bracelet and make it a popular, visable item that fans and other ppl would wear n buy?