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    TegaDerm - question

    I have read a lot on this forum about how good tegaderm is to use on wounds. I have a pressure sore that has almost completely healed. It is closed and just reddish now. I bought some tegaderm and I am surprised to learn that the part of the dressing you put on the wound is very sticky?? Is this right? Seems this sticky surface would irritate the healing wound. Am I missing something?

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    Tegaderm Transparent Film Dressing can be used as a primary or secondary dressing. It is not just an alternative to tape to secure other dressings. Try doing an internet search for the various ways Tegaderm can be used.

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    Yes tegaderm is like sticky saran wrap but it should not irritate the wound and you can rinseit off.To use as protection only? I prfera hydrocolloid such as duoderm and then you can windowpane with tape away from the pressure area. Because it has a little padding. But if it has healed then you might just leave it alone.

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    I used tagaderm to help hold pain patches (fentanal) on due to my oily skin they would start releasing after one day they are not tape sticky never pulled skin with them I used a hot wash rag & they melt right off kind of spendy but I have not used them for 3+ yrs..

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