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Thread: How important is tire pressure really?

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    Hey! Last beer I had is now 10+ years ago. Yes I had alcohol day of my accident, but that not reason. Speeding was. I need to post a picture of my car. I had a ride to hospital via helicoptor.
    Could be the alcohol the reason of the speed?
    Anyway i don`t know what this have to do with the thread.
    I had a ride to hospital via helicoptor too, but i can`t remember it.
    Motorbike accident without alcohol and to much speed taking bends.

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    I always thought that was how I'd crash, but ended up getting a nasty tank slapper and veering off to the side through a fence, a fence post folded me in half. I wanted to kick myself when I was told I crashed in a straight line! Riding again now anyway! Didn't learn haha
    T11 Asia A after near-fatal bike crash.. Just happy to still be here

    No, I didn't loose my mind... It got scared and ran away!!

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    I see most of ya live in cities and use skinny tires. I myself live in the country and gravel, mud and hillsides are where I travel 80% of the time. I couldn't get to my car with small tires.
    I use kenda MTB tires and tubes and only have 25 psi or less at all times. The primary reason being shock absorption, second, TRACTION...when you are constantly going up and down steps and over rough ground, thru gravel, etc., riding on wagon wheels just won't do. I rarely get flats and the tires need to be changed about every year or so.

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