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Thread: Easystand Evolv glider

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    Easystand Evolv glider

    I am desperately seeing an Easystand Evolv Glider for my husband. He currently has an Easystand Evolv and I believe after 3 years, he is ready for a glider. He suffered a TBI in 2007. We are in the panhandle of West Texas but are willing to pay the S&H if reasonable price and excellent condition. So frustrating trying to find good equipment.

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    Easy stand

    About the Easy Stand Evolve Glider , are you still looking for one?
    I have an Easy Stand Evolve Glider for Sale. Purchased new 2yrs ago, Very good condition, cost was $6.100.00. It is the newest model that Easy Stand makes. I am wanting to sell it for $3,500. or best offer.
    I live in Victoria, Texas. Your welcome to come see it.
    Contact Cheryl Rodriquez .... email -
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