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Thread: Standing frame - How long do you stand?

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    Passive standing alone has not been shown to be effective in either preventing or correcting osteoporosis in people with SCI, but it does have benefits for bowel function, skin, range of motion, and spasticity, much less the psychological benefits of being upright (and tall) again.

    Studies on standing on a vibrating plate in animals have shown promise for osteoporosis, and are underway for people with SCI. The studies are for the most part still in progress.


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    I have a glider standing frame and usually use it for a hour every day.
    I just had hkafo braces made and have been using them 2x a week in therapy. Today using them and a walker I went over 100ft taking little hops at a time. The bigger the hop the more of a jolt I feel through my legs. Will that be helping my bone density?
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    started from 15 min 2-4 times daily, now just an hour a day.
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