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Thread: Standing frame - How long do you stand?

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    Standing frame - How long do you stand?

    I just took delivery of a used EasyStand Evolv. I tried out a stander at PT gym a few years ago (all went well) but other than that I have not done any standing in, let's see, 29 years.

    I would be interested to learn from the regulars what their standing frame regimen is. How many days/week? How many minutes/session?


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    Did you previously get cleared for standing with your physician (by having Xrays and/or DEXA scans for your tibias and femurs)???

    We recommend an hour daily, but some do more.


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    Quote Originally Posted by SCI-Nurse View Post
    Did you previously get cleared for standing with your physician (by having Xrays and/or DEXA scans for your tibias and femurs)???

    We recommend an hour daily, but some do more.

    Had a recent DEXA but only of the lower spine and hip (not ideal, I know). I'm osteoporotic but no more so than I have been since I got my first scan back 12 years ago, which is probably as osteoporotic as I've been for at least 25 years. No recent X-rays, but I ride an FES bike regularly without issue. I have no prior history of fractures.

    I wasn't planning on doing an hour daily; more like 30 minutes.

    Should I build up to being fully upright or just go for it? I did a few minutes today just to get acclimated to the experience. No blood pressure issues.

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    Assuming your bones are up to it, I would recommend working up to an hour at a time. I like to stand for at least one hour. It seems to have the most benefit in stretching and reduced spasms if I stay up a full hour.

    Something to keep in mind is to check your feet afterwards. Make sure you have good fitting shoes so you don't get any skin problems on your feet.

    I love the way it makes my legs feel. Enjoy!

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    I am in my stander anywhere between 1-2 hours. Depends on whats good on tv.

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    Depends if I fall asleep while standing or not otherwise usually around an hour. I workout with rubberbands and cords while standing to help make the time pass faster.

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    I pealed enough apples for two pies in my stander last night, all so do my computer stuff on the stander, like typing this. Go slow and work your way up to more time, theres no hurry after all. And make sure you check your knees, there is a lot of presure on them.
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    Thanks for the responses.

    I received this email last night from my SCI doc:
    Standing is one of the few ways I know of that can potentially improve bone density therefore I would encourage it. I wouldn't worry too much about your degree of osteoporosis as it is expected to be low and there are no guidelines as to how low is too low to stand. The one modifiable risk factor you have is vitamin D deficiency (11 back in July), which if not done already, needs body store replacement with high doses. Not being vit D deficient is the best thing you can do in order to help prevent future fractures.
    I've been taking 4,000IUs of Vit. D2 for some time but apparently it's not nearly enough. Unfortunately, getting more sunlight exposure is not a realistic option for me. I am going to explore the option of taking prescription Vit. D.

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    Don't rely on sunlight. Increase Vitamin D ( blood level checked if low you will need alot more - can be 50,000 units (presstion 3-7 x a week depending on how low) & Calcium.
    Standing frame we start 15-20 minutes once a dya and go up from there.

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    Many years ago, my Dr tol me that I would need to stand for 2 to 3 hrs to get real benefeit and since I have retired I do 3 a day. Work on computer, watch TV, read etc. Time passes real quickly. Good luck!

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