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Thread: footplate hieght

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    whats important about the height is the pressure on the back of your legs/butt...raise/lower your knee height changes the pressure far as the width your legs are sitting at..i think it looks good/"normal"..i doubt you want to sit with your knees together..personally i hate that look
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    Quote Originally Posted by nofuss View Post
    Wheelin - Since your primary concern revolves around leg splay, footrest height and potential back of knee to seat cushion issues, your height, weight, proper thigh and lower leg measurements would help the discussion. Meantime, I'm puzzled when I compare my ZR to yours.

    For instance, your seat-to-footrest spec of 16.5" has me guessing you have long lower legs and short thighs. I'm 6'2", 175#, normal proportions, and comfortably push many of the SAME numbers you do: 16" seat depth 85º +1 frame, 19" FSH and 16.5" footrest distance (recently shortened to 16.1). My COG is only .25" more forward than your original 3.00" and my dump is only 1/2" less, yet ...

    ... with your cushion 1" taller than my 2" cushion you feel your footrest distance needs to lengthen where I felt the need to shorten. HMM.

    Below is a side of my ZR (prior to raising footrest 3/8"). Profile is maybe a little tight but I have no issues with knee flexion and a narrow, compact chair works well for me – not so much for others who prefer/need more frame out front.

    Your side pic below is along the same lines, with a bit more frame forward, less user thigh and more user leg (just guessing) operating off a taller cushion to a footrest already about 2" off the ground where lowering is not practical.

    A 2" cushion that would help your push-quotient might likely pressure your leg plant BUT, combined with a more-upright seatback would – as has been said – probably move you forward and up a bit, shift your COM and backs of your knees away from the cushion and improve your COG/balance. (FYI, with flexed posture, my 3.25"is slightly tippy, the way I want it).

    Other thoughts from a rank-but-curious amateur: Splay. Could it be your seat and footrest plate are both, simply, a bit too wide and your problem is leg splay and wobble rather than leg plant? As questioned, are your seatback posts truly set @ 92º? In your pic the post appears more high 80s. If standard fixes don't fix your problem, 4" forward footrest extension tubes are available from TiLite Designs Unlimited.

    Fine chair. You'll get it right!
    since pic i have moved back up some and my dme raised the plate soon as he got here with the chair
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    Quote Originally Posted by totoL1 View Post
    You don`t look bad, anyway a low profile cushion will be better, probably the best prevent sore low cushion could be Roho.

    About your chair, looks longer because you are in short throusers, but anyway if i have to choice been seating like you or like nofuss i will choice yours, but with a low cushion and adjusting your footplate to the low cushion will be ok.

    maybe ill try a low profile roho ive always used jays but i could demo one
    to alcohol the cause of-and solution to-all of lifes problems [homer simpson]

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