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Thread: Suction Toothbrush + Vent

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    Suction Toothbrush + Vent

    I hope to get some feedback from folks who use Suction Toothbrushes.

    I'm using the SAGE Toothette suction toothbrushes for my Dad, C3-C4, on a vent user. I noticed there are others online and some which claim to be "suction toothbrushes" but are not true ones.

    Does anyone use suction toothbrush which is more durable and softer (and doesn't feel like a cheap plastic)?

    I'd really appreciate anyone sharing their favorite toothbrush.

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    Sammons is a product catalog that usually has choices. Have you asked the respiratory care provider?

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    Sage makes disposable suction toothbrushes in addition to the sponge ones (which don't clean as well). The item numbers you want if ordering are either #6570 (Perox-i-mint cleaning solution) or #6173 (Antiseptic cleaning solution and lip moisturizer).

    Here is the Sage catalog:

    Medline makes a similar disposable product:

    Also Kimberly-Clark:

    The disposable ones can be expensive. You may be just fine using a non-disposable suction toothbrush as well, perhaps storing it in a toothbrush sanitizer between uses:


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    Thank you so very very much.

    Since the pictures of the suction toothbrushes often do not show the little hole, I didn't know if these so-called suction toothbrushes would work.... so, thank you for letting me know that these are for vent folks.

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