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Thread: Question on HealthCare Provider. Uneasy feeling

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    We saw the doctor in Cleveland. Right away he said that it would be 10k for him to do the procedure. I of course questioned why they would not bill insurance and why charge the patients up front?

    He said that the Hospital system he is with will not let him do the procedures and bill the insurance because they lose money. The Hospital has a contract with the insurance companies so lets say the procedure is 10k but the contract says that the insurance would only have to pay a total of 2k then the Hospital loses money on this procedure because the implant material is more than 2k itself.

    He explained that the Hospital will not allow him to do this procedure unless the patients pay the cash up front.

    Now my dilema is getting 10k for this procedure. Also, their is not any guarantee with any surgery that it will be 100% successful but I guess that is the chance we have to take.

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    Since they deal only in cash, I would expect 1) a discounted rate and 2) arrangements for a time payment plan through the hospital or physician. This must be a for-profit hospital I assume.


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    KLD- Its in Cleveland and I think its a teaching Hospital so I assume it is a for Profit Hospital.

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    Most teaching hospitals are not-for-profit, including many university hospitals, district or county hospitals, and Veterans Affairs Medical Centers, as well as those owned by private foundations.


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    So we did find out that my wife has Empty Nose Syndrome. The doctor we saw in
    Saint Louis was very matter of fact in telling us that there is not any standard of care for her condition and that everything is experimental to try to aid her misery.

    She is very eager to get something done to help her but goes from optimistic to pessimistic every day. I can appreciate that for sure. She is looking into Stem Cells and PRP and PRL therapies but given my own experience and in reading our forum we are a long way off from this providing the solution. I think all we an do at this point is go ahead with the Alloderm implant to her back to good. Certainly, there is not any cure but if we can get her to a comfortable place again it would certainly be worth the time and money.

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    Wow, TMAZ, I'm sorry this is the case and hope that she can be helped with the implant. I know it will be worth whatever it takes for her to have some relief.

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    Second and third opinions are warranted.

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    I strongly recommend that your wife see someone about her anxiety/?depression associated with her condition. It is better for her to start now, especially as she is going into uncharted territory with "no standard of care", as you say. I worry she will sink lower if things do not work as you hope.

    Good luck to you.

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    Thank you all. I do have her seeing a PHD. Actually, the entire family is going to this therapist. We have seen over 5 ENTS to date. Its a very tricky conditions as her nose internally looks fine but everyone is so different that it affects each person differently. The plus side is that she can get treatment and she does have quite a bit of tissue left but its not the tissue that is the problem its the form of it.

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    Paying up front would definately arrange payment plan and when you talk this MAKE SURE YOU already have a plan that fits your financial, NOT let them pick. Other thing sounds strange pay up front, is this guy 100% successful?

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