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Thread: Bladder stones and bladder not emptying fully

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    Bladder stones and bladder not emptying fully

    I had bladder stones removed Monday and my doctor told my parents that my bladder is not emptying fully which is what is causing the stones to form. I did not get to talk to the doctor after this procedure and didn't even know this until my dad told me today. What can I do about this to make sure that my bladder empties completely. I use a foley and drain into a leg bag. I have a lot of mucus in my urine and there are times when there is nothing in the bag so I have suction it out. I can tell that their is more mucus when I don't get enough water. My urine also seems more thicker when I don't drink enough. I am working on making sure I get at least 90 oz. of water a day but that doesn't always happen like when I'm out somewhere.

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    Stones are also caused by infecctions and with an indwelling you can be more prone to that. Also certain organisms causing infections are sotne formers i.e. Klebsiella.
    Just make sure it is draining and irrigate with sterile water or saline as needed to keep it draining well.

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    Since you are using an indwelling foley catheter (is that a urethral or a suprapubic?) there is every likelihood that your bladder is colonized with bacteria. The mucus in your bladder is clogging your catheter and not allowing it to drain completely. Have you read about a practice of instilling and retaining Vetericyn, Vet ericyn VF, Microcyn, or Puracyn in your bladder? Many of us use this product to help prevent colonization and urinary tract infections.

    Here are some thread you might want to read to understand the process:

    Three quarts (about 99 oz.) of water a day is a good goal. There are containers like Camelbacks that you can carry with you and refill as needed during the day.

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    i just had a stone removed yesterday along 3 types of bacterica in colony with now on cypro for 7 days.

    i drink almost to much water but my dr also said to drink a little lemon with water several times aweek would help

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