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Thread: Clogging Catheter

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    Clogging Catheter

    My wife & I (C5-6 Mitrofanoff Pouch) have been needing to wake up 3-4x per night to drain. We were so exhausted we starting trying an indwelling latex catheter hooked to nightbag. Unfortunately it seems to get clogged from sediment most every night.

    I am wondering if anyone has tried cutting larger holes in the intake part of catheter?

    Or if you have any other advice my overly tired wife would appreciate it!
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    Latex allergy?

    Powdered drinks = powder out (according to my uro). Soft drinks are the worst - I gave them up this year for good. Artificial sugar intake?

    Anything resonate?
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    When my wife started indwelling catheters she had constant trouble with plugging and leakage. Medicare only wanted to cover once a month and she rarely made 2 weeks. I finally got fed up and started my own investigation. I ran across this article:
    See the photo comparison on page 5. I got them to try silicone instead of latex and she is much better off. Her physiatrist wrote the order for silicone and home nursing has no problem getting them covered now. The physiatrist also recommended she flush with a weak vinegar solution instead of sterile water or saline. She hasn't had a clog in a over a year. There is still "gunk" buildup that flushes out but it is not the hard stuff described in the article.
    A common problem with urinary catheters is mineral encrustation, which occurs when urease-producing bacteria hydrolyze urea to ammonia making the urine more alkaline. The increased pH results in formation and precipitation of calcium and magnesium containing crystals. This mineral deposition can block the catheter eyelet and cause pain during extraction.

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    When the mitrofanoff was done some part of the bowel was probably used to create it and mucus is what is clogging the catheter. Try using 15 cc's of normal saline injected through the catheter and then pull back to get the mucus out.

    Both my girls have mitrofanoffs and sometimes have problems with mucus and the flush takes care of it.

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    Tube size. Irrigate and rinse out before going to bed. Council tip catheter has opening on the end. If aug is new you will have large amount of mucous for first 1-2 years but it gets less but you still have to irrigate it.
    If new surgery, we don't recommend doing this on our bladder augmentations-w e use different method- because you can blow the valve that closes it but you need to ask your surgeon if new. The irrigation should help for 4 hours or so.

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    Also it is more like 60 mls of sterile saline or water to rinse it out and can repeat until clear urine usually 2-3 times needed.

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    I used to have a lot of problems with my SP tube clogging, but I started irrigating with Renacidin every other day which seemed to help. However, the best thing that I started doing was shaking my SP tube every night and morning when I change from my leg and night bags to get the excess sediment out of my SP tube. I just lightly shake my SP tube when it is connected to my night bag up-and-down and a lot of sediment comes out every time. You don't realize how much of that sentiment is lingering inside the tube everyday.

    BTW, you have to make sure you drink a ton of water everyday.

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    I have been flushing with vetericyn like lots of folks. Cleans my SP catheter out great and stops it from clogging.
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