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Thread: creamy fudge

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    creamy fudge

    my son be here in a bit we are gonna make some great fudge lol

    easy mirco wave

    3/4 c butter melt
    6oz evaporated milk
    3c sugar

    mix well nuke 5 min on high in a big bowl half way thru stir well

    nuke 5 1/2 min stay as earlier

    meanwhile container of that marshmello whip in hot pan
    12oz of chips
    cap of vinallia ready

    after last mirc wave throw in marshmello whip chips and vanilla beat quickly when mix
    pour in to grease 8x8 pan enyoy

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    I wanna see some pictures!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Jonny Bell View Post
    I wanna see some pictures!
    lol i can/t do that don/t know how

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