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Thread: DIgestion and PAin

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    DIgestion and PAin

    If I have anything in my system, my pain goes higher than high??? I have to take Milk Of MAG to induce a Bowel Movement. My bowels will not work on their own, at all... period. Simply sets up into rocks. Tried fiber, tried mira lax, all that crap... and nothing works but Milk Of MAg.... anyone else have this situation... and what do you do to adress it. Thanks, MIKE

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    hey mike. dealing with the same thing. my bowels wont work on their own either and have become occasionally backed up.. but what helps me is flax seed oil, aloe vera juice and smaller portioned meals, flax seed oil will help keep your stool moisturized and formed.. and aloe vera juice helps with a healthy digestive trac but for me it helps with gas pains.. hope this helps.

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    everybody works different, what works for me is once a day eat a yogurt. it takes me about 2 weeks to get it working. works well enough that i found if i eat it as snack between breakfast and lunch i go potty between 6:30 and & 7:00 a.m. every day. good luck.
    when i get out of the habit of that and my program goes back to random and i need instant relief. 2 eggs over easy with some chewy bacon (not cooked to crispy) and a pint glass of orange juice.

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    M/W/F Program

    My stomach is so messed up usually causing severe pain spikes. I only do my bowel program every M/W/F b/c of the hassle & hemorhoids.

    Is this a bad way of managing bowels? Advice pls.
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